even after you've ruined me for any other
I cannot regret you

literaLLY, I just can’t make myself go further with DotL because IT COULD END IN TRAGEDY

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Anonymous wondered,
do you ship erik/christine?

YES, I DOOO. I’ve even started tagging my posts with their otp tag

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So I was reading through some lyrics and I came across this. I’ve never heard it done before… and it kind of broke my heart…


A little blast from the past from back in 2007.  My response to LND being announced.

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This man, my godddd. He’s soo cute

Sonny joon is a DELIGHT


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Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Emmi Christensson, 1st September 2014

First performance of this cast


Interval thoughts

Blonde Christine and brunette Meg is the biggest mindfuck
Liam is the cutest Raoul in All I Ask of You jesus
Emmi has so much promise good lord
John. Yes you are an appropriate Jeremy replacement
Alicia is so cute as Meg

ezio auditore is a babeee