even after you've ruined me for any other
I cannot regret you


So after a year of gallery hunting I’ve finally compiled a masterlist of every Screencap gallery I could find! Galleries are ordered by most popular to unknown. The caps themselves range from quality (720-1020 px) but a good handful support 1020 pixels with HQ promotional photos if it is a movie or television show you are looking for. I hope this helps someone out if they are ever needing caps for a certain show that doesn’t have its own gallery.

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RT: The new fashion.. is turning phantom pants into scarfs :)

For a second there, we’d won.

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Heathers: From Screen to Stage [14/15]


musical theatre female character meme

 day one: a lead female character in a musical - diana goodman
do you wake up in the morning and need help to lift your head?




I just discovered this really awesome site. Emotionalbaggagecheck.com

It’s a site that lets you leave the things that are bothering you anonymously.
When someone chooses to “carry your baggage" they’ll get your submission, and send a song and a personal note to your email address through the site (it’s never shown publicly) that may help you with what you’re going through.
I think this is an amazing idea!
Don’t keep scrolling past this cause it’s actually worth checking out! :) 

This is actually really helpful; your email is kept private and there’s no log in or sign up required. Even typing my problems out seemed to help, and you can always change your mind at any point in time.
The site itself has a very calming atmosphere and I’d recommend it to all of my followers who either like helping people or have a few things to get off their chest (or both!)

This idea really is pretty amazing.

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"Aw, hell," said Saracen when he saw what they had to fit through.
Valkyrie gave him a half-smile. “You claustrophobic, too?” she asked.
“No,” Shudder answered for him, “just fat."

—Derek Landy (via dudeimsogonnaregretthis)
other girls: spray tans, crop tops, bleach blonde hair, skinny jeans, fake nails
me: mustache, sideburns, skeleton suit, far too many notes for my taste. I am Gilles André.

no this is not appropriate but no i am not sorry